Notice to Pistons Fans

White Owl Bus Lines is providing Pistons Fans with transport to and from games

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Parcel Information


Bus Parcel Express is the most affordable way to send your documents or packages.

Timely and Reliable!

Bus Parcel Express has between 2 and 4 departures daily.

We will get that important document or parcel to its destination on time. In some cases your shipment will reach its destination the SAME DAY* Flexible, convenient, immediate!

*Check with your local White Owl Bus Lines Agent for arrival & departure times.

Weight and Size Limitations

The following size limitations apply to all Bus Parcel Express shipments:

Maximum size 24 inches (64 cm) x 40 inches (102 cm) x 84 inches (213 cm)

Maximum weight per piece: 75 pounds (34 kg)